Treatment of Hand Veins

Veins on our hands get bigger when we get older. With age, the tone of our skin diminishes and fat on the back of our hands fades. Veins are more visible with exercise and with hot weather. These factors together make the veins protrude more giving away more than most of us would like.

Hand veins before and after treatment by foam sclerotherapy:

Hand veins before treatmentHand veins after treatment

Foam Sclerotherapy Treatment of Hand Veins

This injection technique eliminates these veins successfully without surgery. A foam sclerosant is injected into the undesirable veins which blocks them off. The body then re-absorbs the veins.

  • Pros:
    • No anaesthetic
    • No Hospital admission
    • No scan
    • Inexpensive
  • Cons:
    • Compression gloves need to be worn for a minimum of 2 weeks following injection of veins.
    • Some trapped blood may remain in the veins but can be removed with a needle.
    • More than one treatment session is required – typically 3 sessions.
    • An excellent cosmetic outcome is achieved but the final result takes a few weeks to achieve.
    • The long term outcome of foam sclerotherapy is that hand veins are removed and usually do not return or only reappear to a very limited extent.

Surgical Treatment of Hand Veins

We used to use surgery to remove hand veins. Whilst this is effective, it is more invasive and costly than foam sclerotherapy so now we only rarely treat hand veins in this way.

Is it safe to remove hand veins?

Prominent hand veins are normal veins – these are not varicose veins that are found in the legs. Their function is to carry blood back from the hands.

However, there are many veins on the surface of the hands as well as deeper beneath the surface. Those on the surface can be safely removed or injected and destroyed without causing any significant problem. In the first week or two following treatment some swelling of the fingers may occur. This subsides after a about 2 weeks and does not return.

Injection treatment is unlikely to cause any damage to nearby structures in the hand. However, it is common to find that some blood is trapped in the veins after treatment, even when compression gloves have been worn for 2 weeks. Fortunately, any trapped blood is readily removed from the veins with a needle leaving an excellent result.


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