We Treat All Your Vein Problems

Vein problems range from tiny thread veins to very big varicose veins complicated by leg ulcers. We have treatments suitable for all of these problems. No vein is too big or too small for us to treat!

The first stage in treating most vein problems is to find out what is wrong. We use modern colour duplex ultrasound imaging systems to identify faulty veins and measure blood flow in them. This technique allows us rapidly to find the source of symptoms and decide on appropriate treatments.

We offer a range of treatments including sclerotherapy for thread veins and modern treatments for large veins. Some people prefer surgical treatment for their veins, others would like to undergo one of the minimally invasive treatments.

A few of our patients have suffered deep vein thrombosis. We can offer treatments for this problem as well as advice on how best to avoid any further episodes.

A number of people have unsightly veins in regions other than the legs. Prominent hand and arm veins, chest and breast veins as well as face veins can readily be treated and permanently removed. This is usually achieved by sclerotherapy (injection treatment) which causes minimal discomfort and achieves an excellent long term outcome for this type of vein.

We offer vascular screening in which the blood vessels of the body are studied systematically by colour duplex ultrasound imaging. This detects early narrowing of the arteries allowing changes of lifestyle or specific interventions to be undertaken to prevent the damage that may result from an artery which suddenly becomes blocked.

We can also offer advice on the troublesome problem of hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating – which affects some people. Several methods of treatment are available.

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