Painful Veins

Many people suffer from pain due to their varicose veins. Surprisingly this often occurs with small veins just as much as from large varicose veins. In fact, the symptoms due to  thread veins can be worse than those which arise from large varicose veins.

Big varicose veins often cause some aching on standing but this does not usually result in severe symptoms. Thread veins give rise to symptoms ranging from tingling or itching and slight discomfort to severe pain on standing.

Some patients are distressed because many doctors do not believe that thread veins can cause severe pain. They find themselves passed from doctor to doctor without any explanation as to the cause of the pain ever being found!

The solution to these problems is to treat the veins. Modern minimaly invasive treatments are  effective for large varicose veins but microsclerotherapy is required for thread veins. The symptoms and the veins fade away together!

For patients who suffer from both  large varicose veins and thread veins, both types of vein  have to be eliminated to cure the pain coming from  them.

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