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In one hour my varicose veins were cured – by inections of foam…

“A Doctor is pioneering a new treatment for varicose veins without the need for painful surgery. Tradiotionally, the large, ugly, blue veins that affect men and women have to be removed removed by surgery under general anaesthetic. But now a British vein specialis is treating patients with a series of injections taking just an hour.”

The Daily Mail – Good Health Section – Tuesday 11th November 2003

‘Shaving foam’ injection cured my varicose veins in an hour

“Foam injections are set to revolutionise the way varicose veins are treated. The ultrasound-guided treatment, designed to flatten problem veins, is expected to replace traditional surgery for many patients. Just two injections of foam can be enough to treat varicose veins in one leg. New research shows that the technique is effective, has fewer problems than surgery and is suitable for many patients”

The Daily Mail – Good Health Section – Tuesday 29th June 2004