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Foam sclerotherapy for hand veins

Promient veins on the hands are considered to be unsightly by some people. These become more prominent as middle age approaches! The veins are perfectly normal but can be easily removed by foam sclerotherapy treatment. It usually takes about 3 sessions of treatment to inject…


Video: Foam sclerotherapy – aspiration of thrombus

Foam sclerotherapy is a very effective method of treating varicose veins. A minor problem which arises following treatment may be the accumulation of thrombus (‘trapped blood’) inside treated veins. This is easily and painlessly removed about 2 or 3 weeks following treament under local anaesthetic…


Video: Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy – the ‘English Method’

Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy – the ‘English Method’ This description of a foam sclerotherapy technique refers to a system developed by Philip Coleridge Smith and Andrew Bradbury who are world experts in the management of venous disease. Extensive scientific research shows that this method carries…


Video: Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy for resistant thread veins

Most thread veins can be treated by conventional sclerotherapy. This relies on identifying small, blue feeding veins by eye – and then injecting them. In some patients the ‘feeding veins’ can’t be found easily and ultrasound imaging is used to find and inject the small…


Foam Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins – A Patient's View

A substantial change in medical practice has occurred in the last 10 years. Several new, minimally invasive techniques for treating have been described and come into general use. The main aim of these is to avoid surgical removal of varicose veins. The idea is to…


BVI in the Media

In one hour my varicose veins were cured – by inections of foam… “A Doctor is pioneering a new treatment for varicose veins without the need for painful surgery. Tradiotionally, the large, ugly, blue veins that affect men and women have to be removed removed…

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