Stockings and bandages after vein treatment

Many doctors recommend that their patients wear bandages or compression stockings after vein treatment. Some of our patients ask if this is still necessary. The scientific evidence is a bit confusing on this subject. We have tried treating large varicose veins using very limited compression with very light stockings, but this did not work very well. The patients had lumpy bumpy legs for a while afterwards. So these days, we suggest firm compression bandages and stockings for a least one week after treatment of large varicose veins. For thread veins, there is scientific evidence that the outcome of treatment is improved with the use of medical compression stockings for up to 28 days after sclerotherapy. Most of our patients are reluctant to wear the stockings for that long and we usually recommend stocking use for three days.

Modern medical compression stockings look reasonably attractive and are available in a range of colours. Our patients also wear these on long haul flights to reduce the risk of DVT after long distance travel and to prevent ankle swelling after a long time on the plane.

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