Chris Evans (DJ and broadcaster) get his veins done.

I was fascinated to read on social media the account of Chris Evans and his varicose veins. The surgeon described making incisions and taking out the veins which were very large. I have tried to avoid making incisions in the legs of my patients for the last decade or more. Infection may get in and it leaves scars, no matter how small and beautiful the incision is. I prefer to inject veins with foam (‘ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy’) which destroys veins without anything larger than a needle prick. I have found that this works well, even in very big varicose veins, although some follow-up treatment is requried. I have seen some patients recently, treated elsewhere, in whom damage to nerves and lymphatics has arisen from operations to remove varicose veins. Not a good outcome, in my view. My own patients obtain long term freedom from varices, and I have twenty years experience which to base this conclusion!


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  1. I think the varicose veins appeared about six years ago after I gained about 30 pounds and started yo-yo dieting, lately I’ve been keeping the weight off because I’ve changed my eating habits.

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