Finding the Right Treatment

The first step for treating your vein problems is to seek advice from a vascular specialist. Your specialist will clinically examine your legs and undertake a colour ultrasound examination. Patients with thread veins or small blue veins on the surface of the leg will usually find that injection treatment is the best course of action. When there are large veins on the surface of the leg which protrude when standing up, surgical treatment or one of our newer varicose vein treatments is required. These newer techniques are aimed at minimising post-treatment pain and bruising; rapid recovery can be expected after any of our treatments.

No vein too big or too small

Some of our patients are concerned about showing us very small or very large varicose veins. We have treatments suitable for the smallest thread vein up to the largest varicose vein. For the small veins we use microsclerotherapy to treat veins on the legs. Where thread veins are resistant to treatment, we use ultrasound guidance to treat the cause of the problem. The modern, minimally invasive treatments for large varicose veins, such as foam sclerotherapy, are effective even in very large varicose veins.

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