After your treatment…



At the end of the session you should put on a pair of class 2 medical compression hold up stockings which you are asked to purchase from us. We keep supplies of these for you. These should be worn for 3 – 7 days following each treatment session, although they may be removed at night and for baths or showers. Male patients may wear medical compression stockings or bandages, which we supply. A shower can be taken later in the day.
The compression stockings can also be worn on long haul flights for the prevention of swollen feet and deep vein thrombosis when your treatment is complete.
A course of treatment is required with sessions of sclerotherapy at intervals of two weeks or more. Typically, 4-8 sessions will be required depending upon the extent of the veins.


Bruising appears in some treated veins and can last from two weeks to three months depending on the size of the blood vessels treated. Due to bruising following injections, treated areas can look worse before they improve and it is necessary to be patient to obtain a good result. We can sometimes improve the appearance by pricking the treated veins with a needle and removing the bruise. The duration of bruising varies greatly from person to person. Occasionally the bruising may last for several months.
The vessels can feel tender for a few days and mild analgesia such as Nurofen or paracetamol can be taken.
Larger varicose veins may require stronger compression and bandaging.
It is usually advisable to leave a two-week period between treatments on the same area to allow bruising to settle.

Foam sclerotherapy

After your treatment

I have treated your varicose veins using foam sclerotherapy.
Please keep the bandages and stockings on your leg without removing them for 7 days.
After this, remove the stocking and the bandage, and then put the stocking back on again for 7 more days. You may take the stocking off at night if you wish once the bandage has been removed.

What to expect

The leg may ache slightly for a few days. After two or three weeks you may find that the region of the varicose veins is a little tender and lumpy. This is normal and will settle slowly. The varicose veins usually disappear completely, however this may take many weeks to complete. Occasionally some of the lumps become very tender and red. This can be managed by wearing the stocking and taking analgesics such as Nurofen or paracetamol. The problem is due to trapped blood in the vein which I can remove through a needle under local anaesthetic if you arrange an appointment through my office.

Activities after treatment

You should continue normal activities although I recommend avoiding vigorous exercise until the bandages have been removed. Any other type of exercise, such as walking, is perfectly acceptable.
A vigorous regime of walking for 3 miles per day is NOT required (this won’t make the veins heal any faster). I recommend that you do not run whilst you are wearing the bandage and start vigorous exercise gently once the bandage has been removed.

In the shower

While you are wearing the bandage, you can take a bath but will have to hang the bandaged leg out of the bath! Alternatively, you can wrap the leg in a bin liner or cling film and take a shower!! A professionally made sleeve can be obtained – ‘Limbo’ type M80LL or M100 – for about £17 at Boots, John Bell and Croydon, Wigmore St, London W1 or telephone Limbo Products on 01243 573417 (£17 – You will need a full-length sleeve.

Removing the bandage

To remove the bandage, first peel off the stocking and then cut the bandage down the front from top to bottom using scissors and taking care not to injure your leg. Soaking the sticky tape in the bath or shower will help to release this. Nail varnish remover can be used to remove the adhesive and blue pen marks.

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